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The Mayor

Message From The Mayor

Istanbul is one of the leading metropolises of the world with its geographical, historical and cultural richness. We are working relentlessly day and night with our 30 subsidiary companies to be able to offer this unprecedented city and our fellow Istanbulites the service they deserve.

We are striving to glorify and move forward our Istanbul in a way that befits its historical significance and to increase the quality of life, peace and happiness of Istanbulites.

In line with this objective, we are making plans and developing projects in the light of the common mind in every sphere of life, from urban development to transportation, from infrastructure to environment, from health to education, from sports to culture and arts.

With the services our companies bring to life, we are growing the urban economy, creating job opportunities, and reshaping the future of Istanbul with an effective, efficient and contemporary approach. With our subsidiaries which are working with an understanding of merit, loyalty to one’s duty, care for the city and respect for people, we carry on our services to ease and beautify life in Istanbul without slowing down.

With İSETAŞ, we continue our efforts to improve society’s quality of life in the field of electricity supply services and to meet these needs in a reliable and environment-friendly manner.

We will continue to bring into life our services and investments in line with our priority to make Istanbul the most livable city in the world and to make our people happy. As always, our greatest strength and motivation on this path will be your sympathy, support and companionship.

Best regards,


Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality