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General Manager

Dear Residents of Istanbul,

Istanbul Electricity Supply Inc. (İSETAŞ), a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, began providing reliable and sustainable electricity supply in April 2021 with the “Supply License” obtained from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK). Striving to offer advantageous services to its stakeholders, İSETAŞ has become one of the leading companies in the market.

Today, the rapid development in urbanization and industrialization, parallel to the increase in the world’s population, increases the energy demand day by day. It is crucial to manage energy supply more efficiently due to the limited resources from which we obtain energy. As İSETAŞ, we are making steady progress towards new goals with our newly established young and dynamic team.

In 2023, our company supplied approximately 75 thousand MWh of electricity, reaching nearly 200 consumption points. With the services we provide, we strive to benefit all our customers. Our company aims to supply electricity to more customers by transferring the 2023 period profit to the operating capital. Through the customer-focused solutions offered, we are reducing the energy costs of our customers and increasing company efficiency.

Founded in 2021, our company achieved its budget revenue target in 2023, reaching approximately 246 million Turkish Lira with a growth rate of nearly 100%. The company’s revenue grew by 120% compared to the previous year. In addition to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and its subsidiaries, we aim to supply electricity to other consumers in the future.

In 2023, our company provided YEK-G (Renewable Energy Guarantee System) certificates to our customers by obtaining green energy certificates from EPİAŞ’s “Organized YEK-G” market as part of the green energy transformation. This allowed our customers to demonstrate that the electricity they consumed was produced from renewable energy sources, contributing to environmental protection by consuming clean energy. We aim to implement similar projects for other companies we supply, contributing to a clean environment for future generations with our support for renewable energy.

I would like to thank my valuable team members, who have contributed to the growth of our company by enhancing its performance this year, as they have done so far.

As İSETAŞ, our goal is to be a reliable partner in sustainable, efficient, and clean energy supply and energy consultancy.

To greater achievements,

Best regards,

Dr. Yüksel Yalçın
General Manager of ISETAŞ Inc.