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General Manager

Genel Müdür Yüksel Yalçın'ın Mesajı

Today, the demand for electrical energy, the basic input of all economic activities, continues to increase day by day in line with the constantly developing technology, and the level of development of countries is determined by their power and market structure in energy, which are strategically important.

Positioned as of one the world’s leading metropolises and as an important financial, commercial and industrial center, Istanbul is the region with the highest electricity consumption in our country, holding a large share in Turkey’s electricity consumption.

İSETAŞ was established at this very point to provide high-quality, safe, low-cost, environment-friendly electrical energy for all its stakeholders, particularly consumers, and increasing the added value and service quality within the framework of the principle of efficiency while taking into account the public interest.

As İSETAŞ, we aim to provide sustainable, high-quality energy services to consumers living in our region by closely following the latest technological developments in electricity supply services, which touch every moment of life and adapting them to our systems.

We will continue to bring our services and investments to life to move Istanbul up to the level it deserves in the field of energy.

With our vision of being the energy company of the future, we have a long road ahead. I hope that we will achieve great success on this path and witness the rise of the values ​​we produce together.

Best regards,


General Manager of ISETAŞ Inc.


Yuksel Yalcin was born in 1970. In 1991, he completed his undergraduate education at Yildiz Technical University, Department of Industrial Engineering. He completed his master’s degree in Beykent University General Management Department. He is currently a PhD Student in Business Administration at Istanbul Aydın University.

Starting his professional career in 1992, Yalcin first worked in the fields of Quality Management in the automotive sector and Production Planning and Quality Management in the lighting sector. Subsequently, with the consultancy firm he founded, he carried out Management Systems Consultancy works in many companies, especially in the production sector.

Afterwards, Yalcin worked for 25 years as the General Manager for the last 7 years at Oztiryakiler in the Japanese-owned Industrial Kitchen Sector and as of 13 November 2020, one of the İBB Affiliates, Istanbul Energy AŞ. He was appointed as the General Manager.

Yuksel Yalcin has served as the Chairman of the Gusiad, as well as a Board Member of the Turkish Education and Development Academy (TEGA), the Turkish Engineers Association, the Engineers Foundation, Yildiz Technical University Foundation.

Project Management Training Coordination Jury and Board Memberships in the project competitions held within TİM-İDMMİB, YTÜ-SEM Training Program Coordinator of the state-supported Turquality Program, National Branding Programs, Presentations of Social Compliance Programs in Belgium to global companies, Strategic Human Resources Management, He has contributed to private sector participants and training programs in many universities on management systems such as Strategic Entrepreneurship and Project Management.

Yalcin who has 3 published articles is married and has 3 children.